Mineral Makeup Will Make You Beautiful On The Outside As The Inside

IDUN Mineral Makeup Is As Beautiful on the Outside As the Inside

IDUN Minerals has harnessed the purity of nature to create a product that enhances your natural beauty. And the quality also extends to the packaging! IDUN Minerals turned to Italian artist Patrizia Gucci, of the famed Gucci family, to produce a product as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

Taking her inspiration from the Nordic goddess IDUN, Patrizia Gucci has created artwork that reflects the purity of the product, as well as the heritage of the IDUN Minerals brand. Designing this unique packaging, she reflects on how each woman can achieve her own personal transformation through IDUN Minerals makeup: "Every woman in my paintings selects her skincare products and makeup with care, looks in the mirror and dreams of how to preserve eternal youth and become more beautiful. The women of my paintings are very natural and respect their own style, character and spirituality."

Mineral Makeup has been a valuable addition to a well stocked beauty bag for thousands of years... Just look at how we all admire Cleopatra's gorgeous dark kohl mineral eyes. While modern science has improved the coverage and protection we get from the ground minerals, one thing has remained constant over the millennia – real mineral makeup comes from all-natural ingredients, sourced directly from the earth. With a flawless HD finish - without worrying about negative effects on your skin, the environment, or cruelty to animals - modern mineral makeup meets the growing demand from models, makeup artists and other industry professionals.

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