Gold Green Mascara To Pink Purple Mascara Colored Mascara Trends To Try

Break away from black mascara and make a statement with colored mascara. Go gold green mascara with hazel peeps or pink purple mascara on emerald green eyes. Try a navy blue mascara for grey eyes or go all out with a red mascara to pop against your emerald green eyes. There are now colored mascaras to suit any eye color. But to really dupe a runway look, we'd suggest trying out bright shades of pink, yellow and anything that glitters. The key to these looks is to allow your lashes to pop against your eyes color, your liner and shadow choices, and of course, your skin tone. Ready to try something more adventurous?

When it comes to experimenting with colored mascara, we'd suggest dipping your lashes into the pond with dark blue mascara. A midnight blue is not dramatically different than the usual black mascara but will still give your lashes a magical boost. It's a color that can be used for day or night and makes your eyes appear whiter and brighter.

If You Have Blue Eyes ...

On the color wheel, blue sits across from warm tones such as yellow, orange, and reds. Blue eyes will look great with metallic hues such as bronze, copper, and gold mascara. Keep the liner and eyeshadow in lighter shades which still allow your lashes to be seen. For blue eyes matched with olive and darker toned skin, try a purple mascara, liner and shadow tones - a purple that tilts toward a warm red tone is also a good option.

If You Have Brown Eyes ...

Since brown is a warm tone, go for the cooler tones to 'bling' the wow factor. Reach for a turquoise or cool blue mascara to make the peeps pop. A purple or plum mascara will also enhance the natural depth of brown eyes. Green tones on the cooler side of the scale look great with any skin tone. Try coating a lash in a coat of clear mascara, or basic black or dark brown mascara, let dry and then coat from mid to tip of lashes with a green mascara.

If You Have Green Eyes ...

Green sits near blue on the color wheel, so on the opposite side are the dark, warmer colors such as pinks, violets, and purples. Lashes of pink mascara will bring out the depth of green eyes. Of course, rules are made to be broken. Make a real statement with lighter green eyes: mix blue and green mascara/liner combos to make those green eyes shine like emeralds. Again, the key with skin tone combos is to ensure that the lash color is darker than your liner/shadow choices to ensure that the lashes stand out.

If You Have Hazel Eyes ....

Ladies with hazel colored eyes can have the best of the green and brown worlds, depending on your iris color. Mascara in shades of brown, green, plum, purple as well as gold, bronze and copper metallics work well with the brown, gold and green flecks within hazel eyes. A metallic mascara might seem OTT, but the look is perfect for festive holidays when you want a dark, moody look. Our go-to look is to coat the lashes in a brown or black mascara, let dry and coat the outer lashes with a gold or yellow mascara.

If You Have Grey Eyes ...

Similar to their hazel eyed sisters, ladies with grey eyes get the benefit of two color families: both the green eye and blue eye worlds. A navy blue mascara will draw the steely blue out of grey eyes. Use shades of reds, purples and plum mascara to draw out the greens in hazel eyes. And if you want to make the grey color pop, a smokey eye will take your look to the next level — drama, drama everywhere.

Pro Tip: If you're having trouble finding just the right mascara shade, we'd suggest using a cream eyeshadow instead of a standard mascara product. Swap the wand for a spoolie brush to create fullness and definition.

Whichever color of the rainbow you prefer, experiment, and have fun.

A reminder of our mantra @Revelere, beauty is a personal journey, not a destination. Experiment with different looks until you find something that makes you feel comfortable. And when you decide it's time for a change, shake it up.

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