Do You Need the Best Eye Primer Drugstore or Any Store?

Do You Need the Best Eye Primer Drugstore or Any Store?

How many times have you admired your best makeup skills in the mirror before you went out and thought, "This eyeliner wing looks so good," or "I love this gorgeous eyeshadow." And by the time you look in the mirror for a touch up when you arrive at your destination, your perfect cat eye is smudged, your smoky eye is on your forehead, your lids look creased, and that electric blue shadow looks like you pulled the plug on it.

If you're like us, and like to look as perfect at the end of the evening as you did before you left the house – your first response is always, "Where is a drugstore? The best eye primer drugstore, here I come!" I have to get my eyeshadow primer drugstore or any store! Where's my eye primer drugstore? Why did I skip the best way to make my eyes look perfect with eye primer?”

In just such an emergency, we're here for you! Here's exactly what to do. Before your favorite frenemy posts a pic of you in an eyeshadow snafu, sneak out the side door to get to the best eye shadow primer drugstore and pick up some NYX Proof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer. Dab some product before you reapply and your makeup will be in place – even when you laugh so hard you're crying... We'll say it again, "waterproof"!

Better yet, prevent these makeup disasters from happening! If you haven't been using a good eyeshadow primer drugstore or any store, now's the time to choose the best eye primer – and always use it! You may have thought that you didn't need a good eyeshadow primer or you didn't want to spend for another product, but you should know the amazing results you get from a good eye primer. Here are the best reasons.

  1. Reduce shadow creasing. If your eyelids are oily or have a lot of folds, a good eye primer will keep your shadow and liner even and in place once and for all.
  2. Keep powder shadows in place longer. Eye shadow primer is great for all looks, but supports powder eyeshadow especially well.
  3. Create a smooth, neutral canvas on your eye lid. Sometimes we have bumps and folds, sometimes we have discoloration or undertones. A good eye primer will take care of all this, and many come with color correction. You can even dab it under your eyes for a smoother look.
  4. Make your eyeshadow looks POP! You get better color payoff when you start your look with a good eye primer. Shadows look more vibrant, and you get the attention you deserve.

So the best way to have your eye makeup last all day (and night) and LOOK FABULOUS comes from the best eye primer. Have a tube handy at home when you're applying your makeup, and keep a cute travel mini in your purse. You don't need much – here's how to use eyeshadow primer drugstore. We're here for you to find the best prices, too – so you can buy what you need … and have money left over for what you dream of...

We LOVE Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (and its cute travel mini). There's a reason it's a top choice among beauty lovers. It comes in "Original" formula, as well as "Anti-aging", "Caffeine" for darker skin tones and "Freebase" to brighten and intensify any shadow. Plus, it's paraben-free (yay!).

If you're looking for the best eyeshadow primer that's fantastic, high-end vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free, we are extremely impressed by Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer. This gentle, lightweight, frangrance-free eye primer keeps your eye shadow picture-perfect from daytime to Prime Time. It's smooth, easy to apply, and sets quickly -- while it offers an opaque base that covers discolorations and enhances eyeshadow color.

Everyone needs a good eye primer – and the best eye primers are magic! You will never have to worry about your eyeshadow creasing or running down your face ever again! Or worry about your gorgeous eye shadows looking drab and uninspired. It's time to go the distance, meet your frenemy and take the selfie you both deserve! (wink, wink, we know you look best!)

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