Essential Guide: Eyebrow Shapes, Brow Gels, Eyebrow Pencil And More To Achieve Lustworthy Brows

Which eyebrow shapes work best with your eye & face shape? Will an eyebrow pencil tame unruly brows? Can a brow gel amp up thin eyebrows? These are the key questions when perfecting those to-die-for eyebrows you see on Instagram. Once you know the different eyebrow shapes which will flatter any face shape and eye shape, the fun really starts. We've provided recommendations on how to do eyebrows and dupe the looks off the pages of your favorite fashion magazines.

Eyebrow Shapes

There is 'a' best eyebrow shape for different types of face and eye shapes. Spend 10 minutes to determine your face shape and the different eyebrow shapes that enhance what Mother Nature has blessed you with.

Let's start with which face shape. The common shapes are known as Round Face Shape, Square Face Shape, Oval Face Shape, Oblong Face Shape, Heart Face Shape, Triangle Face Shape, and Diamond Face Shape. Read our tips to discover your face shape in 3 steps. We have links to several face shape app and a face shape calculator quiz too.

Next, discover your eye shape. Knowing your eye shape is one of the essential makeup tips and tricks that MUA professionals use to create the most natural, stunning and dramatic looks you see on the runways and the pages of your favorite fashion magazines. Our MUAs @revelere have created a short list of questions along with some photos to help you to answer the question "what is my eye shape"?

Whether you shop online to restock your favs or take a trip to your local beauty counter to see and sample new products, you will be faced with an eye-watering amount of options of formulas, shades, and tools for creating the perfect brow worthy of any Cara or Kim. To copy that look, you have two decisions to make: Formula and Shade. Our MUAs @Revelere have done the homework and have recommendations for choosing the perfect products and tools for your makeup bag.


There are a variety of products to help you define brow shapes and achieve the depth of eyebrow color for the look you are creating. We've broken down the options from classic pencil and powder to new products such as eyebrow markers.

Best Eyebrow Pencil

An Eyebrow pencil is the standard go-to product to give you precision and definition. A brow pencil will give you greater control when your objective is eyebrow shaping with a pencil or when you need to fill in eyebrows with pencil.

Eyebrow Powder

Powder brows fill in color. If your brow is already in good shape, then brow powder will give you a soft, natural appearance. The best eyebrow powder can be used after a brow pencil for greater definition and an eyebrow filler. Since it's a powder, you can quickly correct any mistakes.

Eyebrow Gel

We want three things from a brow product: color, hold, and added fullness. Eyebrow gel gives you all three. Eyebrow cream gel keeps all of the hairs in place, delivering a well-groomed look. Clear brow gel or tinted brow gel, this formula enables you to add color with a tinted brow gel or use a clear eyebrow gel to enhance your own. It's like hairspray for brows!

Eyebrow Pomade

When you want bold brows and intense color, then reach for brow pomade. It's the secret of those lust-worthy Instagram and YouTube Looks for your favorite beauty gurus. Eyebrow pomade is great for brows which need more volume, yet with enough hold to keep them popping all night long.

Eyebrow Wax Pencil

When you want to tame crazy eyebrows, and don't need to fill or tint, a brow wax pencil is the way to go. Often referred to as an eyebrow shaper, you apply the wax keep pesky flyaway hairs in place. But wax pencils can perform double duty when you have no time for trimming eyebrows. Need a primer base for your powder? When you use an eyebrow wax pencil with a universal, transparent nourishing formula, everything stays put for hours delivering a groomed natural look with this eyebrow wax makeup.

Brow Marker

Just like our favorite felt-tip marker, you can draw eyebrows with short strokes of an eyebrow marker pen can be used to create natural looking brow hairs. With similar control as a pencil, the tip gives lots of added control to sculpt your brows just as you want them.

No matter what your choices, faking a fuller brow is as simple as using a brow pencil to shape and define, filling in sparse areas with feathery strokes to resemble your natural hair, and finishing up with a quick lashing of a brow gel to keep any wayward hairs in place. Follow these tips, and you'll never have a bad hair day again.


Creating that perfect brow look is all about combining shape and shade. The perfect shade isn't just matching your exact hair color, but considering your eye color and skin tone, and even playing off any highlights in your hair. We've drawn up some recommendations based on common hair colors.

Do you have Red Eyebrows?
If you have a cool skin tone, we would not recommend trying to match your brows, unless you are going for a scary clown look. Instead, experiment with lighter hues such an ashy blond or camel tones. For those with fair skin, your skin will have a pink undertone. Stay away from reddish brown tones which will appear more yellow or orange.

Do you have Black Eyebrows?
Avoid black eyebrows matching your hair color as your brows will look painted on. We recommend going 1 or 2 shades lighter than your hair color. A cool, dark brown shade or a dark grey will mark a nice contrast with your hair. If your skin tone is darker, we suggest a matte light to medium brown.

Do you have Blonde Eyebrows?
We suggest going 1 to 2 shades darker than your hair color. Hues such as sable, light brown, or taupe will work well. Soften shades such as an ash blonde or light grey can also complement your hair and skin tones.

Do you have Light Brown Eyebrows?
We suggest going 1 to 2 shades darker than your hair color. We'd suggest sable or light brown shades. A taupe will work well if you have blond highlights.

Do you have Dark Brown Eyebrows?
As with Black hair, choose a hue which is 1 or 2 shades lighter. If you start with a lighter shade, you can always make your brows darker, saving yourself time and effort if you've picked a shade which is too dark for your skin tone. We recommend warm, deep, and rich brown shades, such as mahogany and espresso. If your skin is slightly tanned or naturally Olive tone, then we suggest a medium to dark brown which will help your brows pop against your skin tone.

Do you have Gray Eyebrows?
Whether you are young or young at heart, grey hair is very trendy at the moment. As with blondes, if grey eyebrows are your natural color, choose a slightly darker shade such as a light brown or slate grey to create dark eyebrows against your silver locks. Some MUA even suggests using a shade closest to your original hair color.

How To Do Eyebrows

The eyebrow trend for the last few years has been bushy eyebrows. But for that 'natural' look, there is a whole lot of effort to keep us 'on point.' Whether you are just learning to define those brows or are already a brow addict, we have laid out our top reccomendations

Recommendation #1: Grow. Let your brows grow out. When you let your brows grow naturally, you will see your natural shape and thickness. Try using an eyebrow serum to support healthy growth. After a few weeks, you will know your natural shape and fullness and can plan your look from there.

Recommendation #2: Trim. Now we know we just said, 'Let them grow out.' Still, you want to keep the brows neat, so go ahead and trim eyebrows. Comb out the brow and then trim the longest hairs. An electric eyebrow trimmer or an eyebrow shaper will do the trick.

Recommendation #3: Prep. When you pluck your brows, you are literally tearing your hair out. Start by applying some oil to your brow area to soften the skin and the roots of your brow hair. The oil will ease the pain when you tweeze the hairs.

Recommendation #4: KISS & Tweeze. When you tweeze eyebrows at home, you want to Keep It Simple. As with waxing, hold the skin taut, then pull each hair out in the direction of the hair growth.

Recommendation #5: Cool it! After plucking and tweezing, treat your brow area to a cool, calming gel. A gel will soothe any redness on the skin in the brow area and tighten pores.

Recommendation #6. Relax. Wait for at least four weeks to start plucking eyebrows again.

Follow our recommendations, experiment with eyebrow shapes, products and shades, and perfect the looks that make you feel most comfortable.

Reminder of our mantra @Revelere, beauty is a personal journey, not a destination. Experiment with different looks until you find something that makes you feel comfortable. And when you decide it's time for a change, shake it up.

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