How To Shape Eyebrows: The Perfect Eyebrow Shapes For Every Face Shape

Knowing how to shape eyebrows is the key to that Instagram worthy perfect eyebrow shape. Do you know which eyebrow shapes suit which face shape? Before you hit the makeup aisles, spend 10 minutes to determine your face shape and the perfect eyebrow shape for different types of face and eye shapes. Need help? Our MUAs @Revelere have broken down the rules for you.

The first step in getting the perfect eyebrow shape is to determine where your eyebrows should sit on your face. To create the ideal natural eyebrows for your facial features, you want to determine where to start your brow and then working out toward your temples, deciding where the eyebrow should end.

How To Shape Eyebrows: The Perfect Eyebrow Shapes For Every Face Shape

Step 1: Where to start your brow? Looking into a mirror, hold a pencil vertically, parallel against your nostril and along one side of your nose. Where the top of the pencil sits is where your brow should start

Step 2: Where to end your brow? Just like a windshield wiper on a car, keep the bottom of the pencil aligned with your nostril and pivot the top of the pencil to the outer corner of your eye and rest on your brow bone. The upper tip of the pencil is where your eyebrow should end.

Step 3: Repeat on each side of your face.

Once you have your placement and you know how your how to do eyebrows to achieve natural looking brows, tweaking the placement of the entire brow or the thickness of the inner starting point will create a stronger or softer look. Understanding your face shape will help you create the perfect eyebrows. And what are those essential makeup tips and tricks for your face shape and eye shapes?

If you have a Square Face Shape ... If you're wondering how to do your eyebrows with a square face, the key is to counterbalance a strong square jawline. To balance the upper portion of the face, avoid a narrow brow. Go big and strong. A softly rounded curved brow will contrast the angular jaw perfectly. A brow tint or brow mascara are two great options.

If you have a Round Face Shape ... If you've been blessed with a round face and are unsure of your brow shape, the goal is to make a round face appear longer and less broad. High arches will create a perfect angled brow to enhance a rounded jawline and round forehead. Best eyebrows for round face? We recommend using a pencil which will give you plenty of control when extending lines beyond your natural shape. Draw the strokes up toward the top of your face to further elongate the shape.

If you have a Oval Face Shape ... An Oval shaped face doesn't need to make your face appear wider, taller or shorter. The perfect eyebrow shape is a soft angled brow which goes straight up from the inside of the eye and then gently curves at the top and then back down to the outer edge of the brow bone. One rule with eyebrow shaping on an oval face: avoid any dramatic high arches which will add hard angles to the soft rounded oval shape. We recommend a simple style: pluck and fill in with eyebrow powder.

If you have a Oblong Face Shape ... Since this face shape will be taller than wider, a brow which appears to widen the face works best. A straight brow is the way to go, and extend the tails of the brow just beyond the corner of the eye. Use a similar trick as the round face: draw the strokes out to the sides of your face to further emphasize width. Avoid dramatic arches which will only accentuate the long shape.

If you have a Heart Shaped Face ... A heart face shape accentuates the upper half of the face, and the brow area frames the top of the heart. Our advice: trimming eyebrows and keep your brows well manicured. Avoid a dramatic drawn on thin or heavy brow that comes from brow sculpting and dramatic high arches. A rounded brow will counterbalance the narrow jawline perfectly. We recommend trimming eyebrows then powder brows with one of our products below.

If you have a Diamond Shape Face ... On a diamond shaped face, the eye area will be the widest portion. Soften the angles and narrow the face with a curved brow. Avoid any dramatic eyebrow sculpting.

If you have a Triangle Face Shape ... With a triangular shaped face, the brow shapes are all about the eye widths. If you have wide set eyes, start drawing eyebrows further inward to the center of your face. This position will draw attention to the center of your face. Keep the look soft with a powder. If you have close set eyes, the brow should follow the natural brow bone and extend to the outer edge of your face. Use an eyebrow pencil for perfect control.

Now that you know the best eyebrow shapes for faces, you'll be Instagram ready in no time.

A reminder of our mantra @Revelere, beauty is a personal journey, not a destination. Experiment with different looks until you find something that makes you feel comfortable. And when you decide it's time for a change, shake it up.


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