Scared of Summer Makeup Melt?

Summer summons all that is bright, jaunty, and sizzling inside of us to cut through the otherwise subduing effects of summer's swelter. You want your makeup to reflect how you feel, but as with ice in a mint julep, the summer fashion watchword is "melt." Beware of excessive and glossy makeup applications, the fashionistas warn. But, this doesn't mean your look and luster - let alone your imagination - must go on summer break.

There are countless ways to avert summer's deleterious effects on your facial frolics - from skin-protecting and vitamin-rich emollients, to exfoliates, to setting sprays. Here's how you can prevent midsummer makeup meltdowns as you bounce through summer - with nary a concern about "clown face syndrome" when you step from inside a comfy, air-conditioned mall into Mother Nature's outdoor cooker.


While winter, spring, and autumn are perfect for the gloss and shine of brightly colored lipsticks, you don't have to forego them in the summer just because you fear the season's swelter. You may only need to make some slight modifications to your lipstick repertoire, and treat your lips to some exfoliation.

Our MUA@Revelere offer some savvy tips on steadfast lip applications to avoid the notorious summer smear.

First, it's important to routinely remove the dead skin from your smackers throughout summer. Especially if you covet a bright lipstick that needs to look smooth while staying put at the same time. If in a pinch for an exfoliating tool, use your toothbrush.

Second, our team suggest you toss your gloss for matte lipstick, which helps balance glistening skin and avoid the which-is-more-glossy competition between lips and other areas of your face or clothing.

Makeup Setting Sprays

Face it, you spend many more hours outdoors during the summer than in other seasons. Setting sprays reduce oily seeping through your makeup base that can build up while you're basking in the sun. Some sprays also lend a refreshing, cooling effect to the face as well as hydration and rash-resilience.

Cleansing and Primers

When removing the remains of sticky makeup or simply the congestion that sweat leaves on the skin, our team reccomends avoiding harsh detergents when cleaning or exfoliating your facial skin.

Worried about maintaining your summer glow in the face of summer's heat? No problem! You might opt for a primer that ensures your makeup glides on smoothly and looks summer soft,

By using a balance of all these methods to keep your summer glow going, you can avoid the harrowing havoc that the sun and heat can otherwise unleash on your summer social itinerary. But looking good is only part of the equation. You can splash into summer without drenching your pocketbook. Shop today's deals on sprays, finishing, and setting powders!


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