Tattoo Eyebrows or Eyebrow Microblading: Microblading Aftercare, Process and Prices Explained

Eyebrow microblading is a hot trend. If pre-treatment prep and microblading aftercare scare you off, tattooed eyebrows could be the alternative for you. While both treatments will give you are similar results, there are differences in the process and the price. The MUAs @ Revelere have done the homework and broken out the pros and cons of each treatment.


Eyebrow microblading eyebrows (or also called micropigmentation eyebrows) is a cosmetic procedure carried out by a licensed professional. A microblading eyebrow marker is used to create fine strokes of pigment underneath the skin on your brows. Drawing thin lines using a waterproof microblading pen, the treatment will result in a well-defined brow with visible 'hair strokes.' Microbladed eyebrows will keep their look for up to 18 months. The treatment isn't cheap! Microblading prices start at about five hundred US dollars for the initial procedure.

Brow Tattoos

Eyebrow tattoos are a process where semi permanent tattoo ink is tapped onto the brow area with needles. While some products will claim to offer a permanent eyebrow tattoo, anyone who has opted for this procedure will tell you that tattoo brows will last for about two years and will require regular touch-ups to maintain the color and shape. The initial eyebrow tattoo cost will set you back three hundred US dollars, and you'll need follow up treatments to maintain color. You might also opt for an ombre eyebrow tattoo, which is a combination of two hair shades and will appear more natural looking.

Tattoo eyebrows will have a fuller look as the color is absorbed into the skin under your brow, while the microblading process will create strokes of color which resemble real hairs. Over time, a tattoo brow will fade, as you can see from anyone with a tattoo on their arm.


Whichever your choice, both microbladed eyebrows, and a semi-permanent tattoo will require aftercare. Before booking an appointment for your initial eyebrow microblading procedure or tattooed semi permanent eyebrows, you will need to avoid retinol based skincare products. After the procedure, there will be some redness and swelling with your new tattoo brows. You should receive some cream from your clinic, which is applied for up to a week after treatment. And freshly microbladed eyebrows should not get wet, which includes sweating and showering.


Has the cost of both procedures, and the hassle of tattoo / microblading aftercare given you second thoughts? And still, you can't be bothered with time-consuming plucking, shaping, tweezing and filling in sparse brows? Eyebrow tinting is for you. So what is brow tinting? Similar to eyelash tinting, a tinted brow gel is applied directly onto your brows or lashes to darken. Some brands will offer a peel-off eyebrow tint. The brow tint lasts 4-6 weeks. Eyebrow tinting looks more natural than an eyebrow marker pen or brow pencil since you won't see any small stroke marks.

While brow tinting is usually done at a salon by a licensed professional, you can find an eyebrow tinting kit with everything you need to get a salon look at home. Many brands have included brow mascara or tinted brow gel within their eyebrow tinting kit. Eyebrow mascara is a lightweight, tint-like alternative to any harsh chemicals used in a standard brow tint procedure.

Whichever option you choose, you'll have picture perfect brows all day, every day with minimal effort.


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