False Eyelashes Or Magnetic Lashes Take Your Lash Game To The Next Level

When you're ready to take your lash game to the next level, reach for false eyelashes. Fake eyelashes and trendy magnetic lashes will dramatically transform your look to Old Hollywood Glamour Queen in an instant. We know that high up on every girl's list of must-haves, luscious long eyelashes are near the top. Any promise of added fullness and length to our natural lashes - we're sold. To help you sort through the products, techniques, and styles, we created a complete guide to your fake eyelashes options plus we make some recommendations of flattering lash looks for your eye shape.

Lash Options

When it comes to choosing the best false lashes, we don't believe you need to limit yourself to one format. Start with classic strip lashes, and once you are comfortable with the basic techniques, experiment with some of the advanced products. These little magic wonders are packaged as individual lashes, a cluster or strip lashes to give you instant ooompf. Of course, with all things beauty, technology brings lots of new exciting options to the table, so we cover new trendy magnetic eye lashes and the fantasy option.

Individual Lashes
Individual lashes are a great option to create a subtle or dramatic look. You choose! Lashes are available in sets of 60 singles, in a variety of short, medium and long lengths, ready to mix and match. Applied correctly, these will blend in with your natural eyelashes and keep people guessing. If you are looking to customize your look, Individuals are the perfect option.

Clusters are shorter strip of lashes which can be strategically placed into your natural lashes. Larger than individual lashes, they are great if you are still perfecting your lash skills. A smaller band of clusters can be placed separately to fill in a specific area or along the lash line for a complete full effect.

Strip Lashes
When people think of faux lashes, they are most familiar with a band of lashes which are worn on your top lash line. These strips are available in many styles to suit any event and can transform your look in minutes.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic False Eyelashes are a great way to jump on the green eco-bandwagon. Magnetic lashes are the makeup world's answer to anyone who has lost more than a few natural eyelashes when removing the fake lashes. Magnetic eyelashes are reusable. Each pack will have four strips of lashes, a top and bottom strip for each lid. The strip is fixed in place with small magnets along the edge of the lid. While magnetic fake lashes are usually a strip, the format is becoming available in both clusters, to give you more flexibility and control of your look.


When you want your lashes to have more drama than a Real Housewives Reunion, it's the fantasy section you need to browse. Bring the drama and your game when you are wearing these babies. Most commonly found on an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, you'll be making a statement VERY LOUD and clear. Best served rare and for VERY special occasions only.

How To Put On Fake Eyelashes

Applying lashes is not the easiest of tasks. It will take patience. Lots of patience. And practice. Lots of practice. But for a custom look and instant glam, the efforts will pay off.

  1. Prep your natural lashes, combing them out and applying a coat of mascara

  2. Trim the strips to the length you need for the look you are creating.

  3. Apply a small amount of glue and wait for it to go tacky - about 20-30 seconds. Ensure both outer edges have a bit of glue, so the strip doesn't peel up at the end when applied.

  4. Next, position the strip just along your lash line. Use tweezers to begin with. Once you are more comfortable, your fingers can do the trick as well. Avoid getting too close to your tear duct, since that would make your eyes appear narrow across your nose.

  5. Pro Tip: Holding your chin above a mirror, look down with your eye while you position the strip. Keep your eyes open, so you maintain the normal open eye shape.

  6. Finish up by applying eyeliner along the edge of the strip to blend the strip band into your lash line.

The process for applying clusters and individuals is much the same, except you'll need LOTS more patience. And time. But the results will always be worth it. Experiment with different lashes, glue, and tools until you've found the look that makes you feel comfortable.

Wondering how to put on magnetic eyelashes? The technique is basically the same. Prep your natural lashes with some mascara. Each pack of magnetic lashes will have a top and bottom row for each lash. Position the top row along your lash line and then place the bottom row underneath your top lash. You might even hear a snap as the magnets lock into place.

Most Flattering Lash Styles For Your Eye Shape

Whether your creating a natural everyday school or office look, or a high drama glamazon red carpet appearance, knowing your eye shape is the first step in perfecting your lash look. If your first question is 'what is my eye shape,' check out our post on everything you need to know about eye shapes.

If you have Almond Eyes ... most lash looks will take almond shaped eyes to the next level. We'd recommend wrapping your lids in thick, voluminous lashes, evenly distributed along the edge.

If you have Round Eyes ... try extending longer lashes to the outside tip of the eye to create a cat eye effect or for a more 60s retro Twiggy look, set clusters of wispy lashes angled outward.

If you have Monolid Eyes ... if your lashes are natural straight, we'd suggest laying down multiple layers of long fluttery lashes on the top edge of your lid to give more height to the eyes.

If you have Hooded Eyes ... since a hooded eye keeps the lid and crease visible when open, the goal is to open up the eye as much as possible. Industry pros suggest placing longer lashes in the center to the outer eyelid and avoiding any heavy dramatic styles.

If you have Close Set Eyes ... the goal is to extend the eyes outward to lengthen the appearance, so focus on the outer edges of the lid and leave the inner corner free. Cat eyes are PURRfect for this eye shape.

If you have Wide Set Eyes ... you can choose from pretty much any look, so play with long, dense lashes with plenty of volume to amp up the drama. Focus your lashes from middle to inner eye.

If you have Upturned Eyes ... upturned eyes are another perfect shape for a cat eye. Add lashes from middle of the lid to the outer eye, with a feathery wisp at the outer corner.

If you have Downturned Eyes ... if you have a Downturned shape, we want to lift those eyes, so longer lashes that extend out to the corners of the outer eye are our choice.

If you have Deep Set Eyes ... long and curly in the middle of your lid is the name of your game. Curl long lashes up and away to open up the eyes and make them a more prominent feature.

If you have Prominent Eyes ... prominent eyes are probably most described as doe-eye, dreamy, and romantic. We want to build on that sentiment. So make your eyes the main event. Add short to medium length lashes on the inner edge to the center, and then from the middle edge, finish with dramatic feathery lashes that float off the outer edges of the lids.

Lash Lift vs Lash Extensions

For those ladies who are 'time poor' (and cash rich!), eyelash extensions may be an option to consider. Are eyelash extensions worth it? What are the pros and cons of eyelash extensions? How is an eyelash lift different? Both options have a cost and aftercare, so let's weigh the options:

Let's start with lash lifts. We should call this a 'lash perm' because lash lifts are literally a perm for your lashes. The eyelash perm process is very similar. A silicone shield is placed under your lash, which will shape the lash. Start by choosing your lash preference based on your eye shape and lash length. Your salon technician will start by cleansing the lashes. Next up, a softener is applied to the lashes. Finally, a conditioning and setting solution is applied to set the shape. In an hour, you will have a new set of permed lashes which will set you back about a hundred US dollars. Is there aftercare? Of course. Over the next 24 hours, don't get the lashes wet, which includes showering and sweating (no gym and best to avoid hot, humid days). Pro Tip: before your appointment, try using a lash serum to grow your lashes.

Lash extensions are great for those who don't have the time or patience to create a look at home using faux eyelashes. Synthetic or mink individuals are woven into your existing lashes by a pro. How much do eyelash extensions cost? The base treatment can cost three hundred US dollars depending on the product style you prefer. The process of how to care for eyelash extensions is very similar to the Lash Lift. Stay away from any excess moisture for the first 24 hours, which includes showering and sweating. While you avoid the daily routine of applying mascara and false eyelashes, the look will require maintenance and touch-ups at your salon.

Reminder of our mantra @Revelere, beauty is a personal journey, not a destination. Experiment with different looks until you find something that makes you feel comfortable. And when you decide it's time for a change, shake it up.

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