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Get the perfect festival look with these summer trends from beauty lovers around the globe

Beauty Trend to Try: Festival Makeup & Hair Trends

It's THAT time of the year - music festival season! We're sure you've been perfecting your outfits for months ... and we rounded up the best makeup and hair tips for the summer season. Check out our guide to the ultimate festival fever:

  • Glitter Bomb - Whether you're planning to wear it on your eyes, lips and even hair, do not pack your bag without tons of glitter! This festival season, if you are not all about glitter, you better start now. You can't go wrong with a touch of embellishment on the lids or adding some glitter on already highlighted cheeks. Even if all of your clothes sparkle until next festival season, it's all worth the hassle. Check out NYX Face And Body Glitter and Medusa's Makeup Eye Glitter to amp up your festival look!
  • Metallic Princess - Not just any metallic princess... We are talking about glossy metallic, because glossy eye makeup is having a huge moment and true festival beauties are going to take advantage of that. Take Glow Liquid Eye Shadow by Stila , apply one coat on the lids as desired, then use your finger in a tapping motion to blend out the edges for the perfect out-of-edge makeup look.
  • Keep Calm Here Comes the Glow - In case you're not a glitter and sparkle person, find your makeup inspiration in Jasmine Tookes from this year's Coachella. Keep calm and embrace a glowing face with Kismet Lovely Liquid Illuminator for strobing, and perfectly contoured lips with Showstopper Creme Stain by Makeup Geek.
  • Messy Hair They All Care - This year's hair is all about messy (but not "I just woke up" messy). Flower crowns are not groundbreaking any more. Welcome to the season of boho waves and braids all the way. Braids are perfect for unwashed hair and festival dust and you don't have to worry about how your hair looks. Choose your style and get twisted just before the festival date – thank you, YouTube! Pssttttt... If you're not gifted in the braids department, try space buns.
  • If You Are Brave Enough - Multicolored hair is also huge this season, but reserved for only the bravest! Pastels are happening this festival summer, and semi-permanent colors are the best way to have the perfect color without damaging your hair. We highly recommend Manic Panic brand. Use their Mixer/Pastel-izer
  • and add a tiny amount of amplified Ultra Violet or Mermaid for perfect pastels.

Now you have it – the perfect outfit (ok, ok outfits) and the hottest festival trends for summer 2017. It's time to go and channel your inner festival goddess – we know you got this!

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