Secrets To Long Lasting Lipstick, Lip Stain, & Lip Tint

Read our lips! Want long lasting lipstick? Confused by lip plumper vs lip primer? Is a lip stain or lip tint better for those hot, humid summer days? We've broken down every formula, finish and shade, sorting through the gloss, shimmers, mattes, and metallics, available in every stick, cream, liquid, and balm. And we share our reccomendations to keep your pout perfect all day long.


While cream formulas have been the staple of lipstick brands for years, liquids have exploded onto your dressing table. Whether you are trying out a lip stain or a liquid lipstick, you should consider the color payoff, how often you need to freshen up, and how you can remove at the end of your long day.

Cream Lipstick
Cream Lipstick is the grandma of all lip makeup. With bold, matte thick coverage, this moisturizing lipstick formula will deliver a massive color payoff. If you are looking for a product in a variety of finishes, consider other options below.

If there's one product that is quick, easy and can be applied on-the-go, lipstick is it. Gone are the days when lipstick was be worn by your grandmother in a heavy, matte with a bold dark color. Today, lipstick is available in a variety of finishes sheer, satin, metallic, matte, and every color under the sun.

Lip Stain
Lip stains are painted on your lips. When the color dries, it will stay locked on your lips all day long. Lip stains have a similar color payoff as sheer lipstick formulas. One coat can give you a wash of color, or you can build up multiple layers for a more intense look. Lip stains can give the all-day color you want, without the upkeep you don't. But this staying power will require a makeup remover at the end of the day to remove the stain. And stains can have a drying effect, so always apply a moisturizer before your stain. Sheer coverage will look best when it compliments your natural lip skin tone. Stick with pinks, corals, and reddish hues.

Liquid Lipstick
Liquid lipstick is a thicker coating of color. Sometimes labeled Long-Wear Lipstick, like lip stains, the color lasts all day and requires a makeup remover at the end of the day. While a lip stain will give a sheer hint of color over your lips, liquid lipsticks will provide you with full-on, full-color coverage. Liquid lipsticks are available in natural shades that are offered in cream lipsticks, but also trendier frosted and metallic finishes. This formula will work well with a full range of dark and light shades. Liquid lipsticks can have a drying effect too. Applying a moisturizing lip gloss as a top coat will help with dryness and a bit more shine as a bonus.

Lip Gloss
Lip gloss is our go-to product for everyday wear. Portable and easy to apply, a lip gloss enhances your natural color with a glossy, wet look. But when you want to switch it up, lip gloss is available in lots of fun finishes such as sheer, pigmented, shimmer, glitter, and even matte. Lip gloss is the perfect solution for those with dry or chapped lips since they contain additional moisturizers. Lip gloss is not long lasting, so will require a bit more maintenance throughout the day. But with so many fun options, you could spend every minute of every day wearing a different product!

Lip Cream
Lip cream (not to be confused with a cream lipstick) combines the finish of a matte lipstick with the silky smooth application of a lipgloss. Lip creams will leave your lips super hydrated and boast a high color payoff.

Lip Balm
Lip balms are not just for the days when you want to curl up in a sunny window with a warm cup of tea and your cat (we have those days too). A tinted lip balm gives the perfect flush of color for a beautiful, natural look. Enhanced with nutrients and moisturizers such as shea butter and coconut oil, a natural lip balm conditions lips on contact for long-lasting, hydrating comfort. Easy to drop in your bag and go, a lip balm performs double duty anywhere you need a bit of extra moisture.

Lip Oil
Lip oil has no texture and glides onto your lips, saturating them with a rich, satin matte finish. Lip oils will be enriched with Vitamin E, jojoba, rosehip, and other bio-nutrients to keep your lip hydrated. During the day, as the oil is absorbed into your lips, the shine will fade, but a faint tint will remain.

Lip Powders
The latest party crasher is Lip Powder. More like a mousse than a powder, these creamy delights give a powdery, soft finish, without the heavy feeling of a liquid lipstick. Apply multiple layers for deeper, more vibrant full coverage. Lip powders are available in a variety of packaging, including traditional lipstick bullets.


A matte lip finish will have zero shine, shimmer or sheen. A matte finish works well on any skin since it won't draw attention to fine lines. Available in cream and liquid formulas, a liquid matte shadow will have a high color payoff and last all day, but tends to be a dryer formula. We recommend starting by exfoliating and then adding a primer to prepare your lips.

A satin shadow will have a strongly pigmented color with a soft, barely there shine, like satin. If you want a bit of shine, but want to avoid any focus on fine lines, you should choose a satin finish over a shimmer, frost or metallic finish. Depending on the formula, a satin shade can have more moisture than a matte shade.

When you want to make a statement, look no further than a metallic lip. All that glitters is available in gold, silver, bronze, copper as well as a whole range of red, green and blue foils.

Whereas a metallic is a full-on heavy metal, a shimmer lip combines the shine of satin with a hint of reflective metallic sparkle. Available in many shades, you will get the color payoff with just a hint of shine.

Frost is similar a metallic but is an iridescent finish created by adding in bright white or silver to the finish to reflect the light. Sometimes referred to as Pearlized, the finish will be soft, and the shade may be lighter.

A gloss finish can be used on its own or as a topper layered after your base color for a 'wet' look. A gloss is available in a variety of options: the finish can be clear lip gloss, have a hint of color, or added glitter to create an iridescent lip gloss. Some brands have even created flavored lip gloss! For a double dose of wow, look for a lip topper that doubles as a glossy eyeshadow.

A sheer lipstick tint will add a wash of color without the full-on color payoffs of the other finishes. If you are looking for a lighter formula than a matte lip gloss, try a sheer finish. To build up a stronger hue, apply extra coats of your lip tint to build up the shade.

Lip Color: What's The Best Shade For My Skin Tones?

Makeup brands have spent a lot of time figuring out how different lipstick colors will look on different skin tones. One of their tricks is to the look at the colors just below the surface of the skin. While your top layers will tan and fade, the underking layers of your skin will keep the same color. They have named these undertones as Cool, Warm, and Neutral. So what is my skin undertone? We've offered some simple tips and tricks to help you figure it out here.

If You Have A Cool Undertone ...
  • Lip shades with a blue or purple shade are ideal
  • Green, pink or rose lipstick shades will work well, as they play off the blue hue in your undertone.
  • Avoid orange or fire engine reds and stick to dark red lipstick, with berry and bluish tones such as cranberry and maroon lipstick shades.
  • Nude lipsticks and, peach or neutral shades can tend to make a cool undertone look washed out so look for a pink nude lipstick. If you choose a light shade, add a dab of gloss.
  • If you want to amp it up with a metallic finish or topper with a shimmer, stick with silver shades.
If You Have A Warm Undertone ...
  • Lip shades with orange and red hues are best. Break out the fire engine red!
  • Peach and yellow lipstick tones are other choices which will play off the natural blues and greens in your skin's undertone
  • Adopting the metallic trend? Stick with the copper, bronze, and gold shades.
If You Have A Neutral Undertone ...
  • You hit the color jackpot! Skin with a neutral undertone works well with any shade. A lip palette with dozens of shades is ideal for your skin undertone. You are quite literally a walking peacock!
If You Have An Olive Undertone ...
  • Earthy tones such as green and gold will work well with an olive undertone.
  • Deep pinks and corals with a red hue will suit you as well.
  • Avoid any shade which is too yellow.


When you spend your hard earned cash on products, you want them to deliver powerful pigment and texture that delivers all day long. You can get great results from great products. But if you want that perfect pout, follow these tips from the MUA@Revelere and take it to the next level.

  1. Exfoliate your lips. Remove any dry, chapped skin, and you will start with a fresh, smooth, clean canvas to absorb and hold the products you are about to apply.

  2. Prime your lips. A nourished lip will hold the color longer and prevent the products from bleeding outside the lines. A good lip primer will moisturize your skin with Vitamin E and plant-based oils, and fill and soothe any cracks.

  3. Before you grab a liner, take a minute to consider your natural lip shape and how you'd like to enhance that.
    Matte finishes will make your lips look thinner while a gloss or shiny finish to create a fuller looking lip. Depending on your natural skin tone, darker shades tend to makes your lips look smaller while lighter shades can add fullness.
  4. Line your lips. For a crisp, sharp, perfect put, reach for the liner. Outline your lip area to define the shape your about to fill in. We have several recommendations based on the finishes you are working with: pair a matte lip with a matte lip liner in similar shades, a neutral liner which mirrors your natural skin tone when working with a metallic lipstick.

  5. Fill in your lips. Starting at the cupids bow and working out towards the edges, fill in color within the lines you have drawn on to define your lip shape. Color can be applied using the product applicator or tube.

  6. PRO TIP: for extra control and precision, we recommend using a lip brush. Coat the brush with some product and start by applying your lip color on the lower lip, and then finishing up on the upper lip. Use a blotting paper to blend the color onto your lips. Blotting will pick up any excess product and keep your lipstick in place longer.

  7. Add a Lip Topper or a coat of gloss. Lip toppers give your lips a high shine gloss and appearance of extra fullness. Available in both natural and sheer tints, these products will give your pout an extra shimmer. No time to apply a full top coat? Try putting a bit of gloss under the cupids bow, and in the center of the top and bottom lip.

  8. Apply a fixing spray. As we've recommended here, applying a fixing spray after you have completed all of your makeup will give an added boost of moisture and set makeup in place all day.

  9. BONUS HACK: You blot, but you still get lipstick on your teeth. Pucker up your lip and push your pinkie finger in the center. This motion should remove any lipstick remaining on the inside lip.

Lip Shapes

Acne, uneven skin tone, shiny, brows too thick, too thin: every face has its unique characteristics that you want to feature and some that you want to correct. Your lips are no different. We share some tips on getting the look you want.

Want larger looking lips?
The goal is to create a more pronounced pout by focusing attention on the center of your lips. Use your lip liner to create a higher edge over your natural lip line. Use a shade that matches your natural skin tone. A universal lip liner could also work. Choose a lip shade in a bright or intense color with a satin or shiny finish. Darker matte shades will minimize the fullness, so best to avoid. Apply a lip topper or gloss.

Want to even out your lip lines?
Maybe one of your lips appears narrower on one side. There's an easy fix for that! Choose a liner and lip color that match. Skip darker colors as those shades will make your lips appear smaller. Grab a liner and start by outlining your fuller lip section. Then draw a thicker line on the narrower part of your lip. Fill in with your lip color that matches your liner.

Need to perk up your smile?
When you have that interview and want to appear bright and generally happy, try emphasizing your smile. Again, choose a liner and lip color that match. Skip darker colors as those shades will make your lips appear smaller. Grab a liner and outline your upper lip section to reshape the lip line at the corner of your lip. Fill in with your lip color that matches your liner.

Do you prefer a fuller upper lip?
Use your lip liner to create an edge over the edges of your upper lip line. Use a shade that matches your natural skin tone. Choose a lip shade in a bright or strong color with a satin or shiny finish. Darker matte shades will minimize the fullness, so best to avoid. Apply a lip topper or gloss.

Do you prefer a narrower lip?
Use your lip liner to create a line inside the edges of your lower lip line. Choose a lip shade in a darker matte tone. Avoid a lip topper or gloss, since these will make your lip look fuller.

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