Beauty Essentials What Is My Face Shape

Before you hit the makeup aisle, book that appointment at the hair salon, or shop for a new pair of sunglasses, ask yourself "what is my face shape?". Knowing the techniques and styles that will most complement your face shape is the first step to perfecting your beauty style.

There are eight basic shapes of female faces: Round Face Shape, Square Face Shape, Oval Face Shape, Oblong Face Shape, Heart Face Shape, Triangle Face Shape, and Diamond Face Shape. So what face shape do I have? Take our 3 step face shape test. Find out how to find your face shape.

Before you get started, pull your hair back to reveal as much of your face as possible. Raise those bangs and look closely at where your hairline begins.

  1. First step, look for the widest part of your face. A wide forehead indicates an oval face shape, while more width across the cheekbones is typical of a round face shape. If your forehead and cheekbones are similar, you probably have a round face shape. Think you have a square face shape? If your face is widest at the jaw, and your forehead and cheeks should line up with your jaw, you are probably a square shaped faced.

  2. Next, look at the shape of your jawline. If you have a chin that eases to a point, you may have a triangular face shape (wide forehead), a diamond face shape(wide at cheekbones and a peak at the hairline) or a heart shape face. If your jaw is angular, this indicates a square face shape. If your jaw is rounded, chances are you have a round face. But both round face shapes and oval face shapes.

  3. Finally, look closely at the length of your face from hairline to chin? If the length and width are equal, and your jaw is angular, you probably have a square face shape. If you have a rounded jaw, then you have a round face shape.

Still confused? Take the face shape calculator quiz Of course you can always find a face shape app for your phone. Just google 'What is my face shape upload photo' and you will find many to suit your preference. We recommend two apps: Find Your Face Shape on iPhone or FaceApp on Android.

A reminder of our mantra @Revelere, beauty is a personal journey not a destination. Experiment with different looks until you find something that makes you feel comfortable. And when you decide it's time for a change, shake it up.

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