"Re-Phresh" Your Makeup Brushes: Which Ones You REALLY Need

The editors here at Revelere LOVE our jobs. We really do sit around and talk about makeup! We recently had an interesting conversation about the products we couldn't live without – all business-related, of course – and we agreed, "Yes, it's definitely mascara", and it was also DEFINITELY concealer, and "bold bright lipstick, how we could forget that", "what about blush and bronzer, I would never leave the house without a little life on my cheeks"...

As you can see, we wouldn't make a day without our entire beauty kit. But, we have agreed on one thing: we couldn't apply any of these products without makeup brushes, so they instantly became our #1 must-have product.

Inspired by our chat, we put together a list of makeup brushes you REALLY need!

Contouring like TV star

Contouring has always been a beauty secret of celebrities, but today it's the makeup trend that everyone talks about! Contouring can slim your face and highlight the parts you're proud of. It gives us Rihannas "phresh out the runway" look and we have a chance to feel like supermodels and Hollywood celebrities any time we want.

After careful consideration, we decided on Morphe M438 Pointed Contour Brush. In the sea of makeup brushes, the Morphe brush lets you contour your face in a New York minute - with precise application guaranteed. The compact size of this brush and its delicately soft natural bristles make blending so easy and you can also use it on smaller areas, like under the eyes, down the center of the nose, and just above the Cupid's bow.

Flawless Foundation

Good foundation is the most important thing in life (well ... makeup). If you ever had trouble finding a perfect foundation brush and the perfect boyfriend, we just solved half your problem. There are so many different types of foundation brushes (and men) on the market that picking the right brush that fits your foundation and skin type can be really challenging. The best are the ones you can use with liquid, mineral, and cream foundations. Most of the brushes are synthetic, which are simply more hygienic to use with foundation -- and they are a lot easier to clean.

bareMinerals were very clever and they have paired Seamless Buffing Brush with Blemish Remedy Foundation in order to give us something we always wanted - perfection. Their Buffing Brush is developed to give an extra smooth finish and the round, puffy brush makes it easier to apply the foundation evenly. Those fibers have an antibacterial treatment and the most soft, synthetic bristles we ever came across.

Blend, blend, blend!

Another conclusion we came to here at the Revelere office: you can never have too many blend brushes. Blending reduces strong lines and rough (too obvious) transitions between colors. Blending your eyes gives you a softer, gentler look, as well as color in the crease, which gives the eye special depth.

If you are looking to have only one eye brush in your collection, we recommend a good quality brush for blending because it can be truly multifunctional. We have all agreed that MAC 217 Blend Brush is the one. You can use it for shading or blending of color or any creamy product. This brush has amazingly packed fiber arranged in an oval shape, with a long handle, which gives you the versatility to use the brush however you want. It's very easy to clean, so you can use it for a very long time.

Face It!

Pressed powder is a must-have for a totally smooth and complete look. The main purpose of this powder is to set foundation and concealer and to make us not look so shiny. The best way to use it is after foundation because pressed powders are translucent, not full coverage. You should be very careful with this one, because if you don't blend it properly, you can end up with "I saw the ghost" look!

Although you can use a kabuki or fluffy brush, our verdict is in: the multi-functional Luxie Onyx Noir Pro Precision Powder Face Brush 580. Its oval shape helps achieve a more precise product application. Plus, it's cruelty- and paraben-free, made with ultra-soft vegan synthetic bristles, and sprayed in antibacterial solution to protect and maintain its quality. You can use it for loose powder, pressed powder, even for all over bronzer and blush.

Lips are Made for Brushing

Yes, lipstick comes in a self-service tube, but there are so many reasons to include a lip brush in your daily makeup routine. First, lip brushes are so much more precise than straight-from-the-tube lipstick. Believe it or not, there's also less wasted lipstick. You can also apply the color more evenly and even layer multiple colors (ombré, if you dare!!!)

The tapered, individually handcrafted ZOEVA 330 Lip Contour brush precisely paints the contours of the lips, sharp and clear. The soft vegan hair offers a perfectly even color application that easily reaches the corners. It is retractable, and thus the perfect travel tool.

Most of the brushes we use are organic and vegan, so it's nice to know that you can look amazing and still save the planet. This is our way of preserving our environment while still keeping you beautiful, inside and out!

BONUS TIP: If you do not want to manually blend your products or you just want to speed up your makeup routine, check out blendSmart automated makeup brushes, such as Blendsmart - Rotating Makeup Applicator. Please let us know how much you love using them!

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