5 Makeup Rules Meant To Be Broken

Be Your Own Judge And Jury: Five Makeup Rules Meant To Be Broken

All those so-called "unbreakable" makeup rules written in stone... those do's and don'ts that have been around forever... we think it's high time to kick some of those rules to the curb and to get you started, we've picked five rules for eyes to break right now!

  • RULE 1: PICK ONLY ONE MAKEUP PALETTE The really beautiful thing about makeup is that it's a perfect tool for self-expression, especially for enhancing your eyes. So, if you want to wear colors from more than one palette, go for it. We'd suggest a Huda Beauty makeup palette from their highlighter collections for that instant glow, an Urban Decay makeup palette for their revolutionary nude hues, a Too Faced makeup palette with their decadent candy colors and metallic masterpieces, or a Bobbi Brown makeup palette for their perfect cool everyday eye essentials. Whether you choose a seasonally inspired palette from your favourite brand or make your own makeup palette, the power of makeup palette is a perfect way to start playing with colors, so you can be as bold as you want to be.
  • RULE 2: YOUR EYEBROWS SHOULD ALWAYS MATCH YOUR HAIR COLOR If you like changing your hair color regularly, you may already know that your brows don't need to match the hair on your head. In fact, you can make your brows any color you like! So, go big and bold and get those dream eyebrows! Try a shade lighter or darker, or be really daring and color those brows purple or blue! After all, if Cara Delevingne can do it, why not you? We like Benefit's Brows which has both light and dark powders, liners, wax and highlighter powder. The kit comes with tweezers and a talent brush to brush eyebrows and fill in sparse areas
  • RULE 3: NEVER WEAR MASCARA ON YOUR TOP AND BOTTOM LASHES Let us start by saying that this rule does have some merit. Mascara on your bottom lashes draws attention to that delicate skin under your eyes - the area where bags and dark circles just love to hang out. Plus, applying mascara to those bottom lashes can be tricky, resulting in smudges and spots... definitely not the look you want. But is this rule unbreakable? Absolutely not! A little mascara on those bottom lashes can be sexy and sultry when applied correctly. The trick is all in how you hold the wand. If you're going to be that close to your water line with makeup, why not try something all-natural. First, apply your mascara (we love Too Faced mascara ) horizontally on both your top and bottom lashes. Move the wand back and forth to give yourself a thick base at the lash line. Add a second coat but this time hold the wand vertically. You'll have a beautiful teased look that will make your eyes pop! We'd also suggest carrying a Better Than Sex Mascara Travel Size (or as some sites will call it Better Than Sex Mascara Mini) in your makeup bag to correct any smudges.
  • RULE 4: ONLY WEAR FALSE EYELASHES AT NIGHT While false eyelashes have traditionally been reserved for evenings only, why not look stunning at the office or at brunch -- or anytime you want. Experiment and get those 'ask me about my lashes' compliments at the water cooler. There are many different types of lashes available, including semi permanent eye lashes if your budget allows. The price of eye lashes can vary a lot, so when you find a good deal, we suggest buying false lashes in bulk. We like Violet Voss Vamptress Premium 3D Faux Mink Lashes. They look fabulous and this particular product is vegan, to boot. BONUS: having trouble applying the glue to the lashes? Even the packaging for the best glue for lashes may not work for everyone. We use the tip of a bobby pin! It spreads the glue evenly, making them easy to apply. Just wait for the glue to get tacky before sticking them on. Whatever look you choose, that full set of lashes will keep 'all eyes on you'.
  • RULE 5: ONLY WEAR RED LIPS OR NAILS Oh yeah... you definitely want to break this rule! Red isn't just reserved for nails and lips anymore. No, no, no... now you can wear red eyeshadow too! We'd suggest any number of red eyeshadow looks including red brick eyeshadow , a matte red eyeshadow, a bright red eyeshadow or a deep red eyeshadow. And here's a BONUS rule you can break: Don't let your red hair stop you from adding red to your makeup bag. You can wear it... and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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