Beauty Essentials What Is My Eye Shape?

We've all been there before. You've seen the catwalk look from Paris, New York or Milan. You try and recreate, but it's not working for you. And you wonder, why is that? Along with face shape, knowing what is my eye shape is one of the essential makeup tips and tricks that MUA professionals use to create the most natural, stunning or dramatic looks for every face shape. And it doesn't stop at knowing your eye shapes, but how and where the eyes sit on your face shape. Your eye shape will help you decide the most complimentary eyebrow shapes, which eyeliner styles will make your eyes look bigger and brighter, and the best eyelash extensions to enhance your natural shape. Our MUAs @revelere have created a short list of questions along with some photos to help you to answer the question "what is my eye shape"?

Almond Eyes

A slight point on either end of your eye? Wide in the center? Does your iris hide underneath your top and bottom lid? You probably have almond shaped eyes. An almond eye shape is very versatile and can pull off most looks. The standard rules apply to makeup for almond eyes. Start with a darker shade at the upper lash line, then a medium shadow at the crease and a highlight toward the brow.

Round Eyes

Can you see a white area all around your iris? Sounds like a round shaped eye. When you are applying makeup to round eyes, we recommend that you use darker shades in the middle of the lid and highlight the inner and outer corners to give the appearance of a wider eye.

Monolid Eyes

No visible eyelid crease above your eye? Are eyelids flat on the surface? Straight natural lashes? Likely a monolid eye. We recommend a look that creates the appearance of more depth and dimension. Choose monolid makeup that starts darker at your lashline and gradually lightens as you reach the brow bone.

Do I have Hooded Eyes?

Do you have strong brow? Do you have a bit more skin above the crease? Is your eyelid hidden when the eye is open? You have hooded eyes. Create a look that draws the eye higher, by keeping your brows in tip-top shape and choosing eyeshadow makeup for hooded eyes that brings the shadow to the brow.

Close Set Eyes

Is the inner corner of your eye set close to your nose? Is the length of one eye larger than the distance between the inner corner of both eyes? These are the telltale signs of Close Set Eyes. Use darker shades at the outer edges of your eyes to extend the shape and use softer colors and highlight toward the inner eye.

Wide Set Eyes

The opposite of the Closed Set eye, is the length of one eye smaller than the distance between the inner corner of both eyes? Safe to assume you have Wide Set eyes. Since they are the opposite of Close Set Eyes, use darker shades at the lash line and continue with neutral tones and highlights to the brow bone.

Upturned Eyes

Do the outer corner of your eyes point upwards? Are the inner corners lower than the outer corners? Yup, that's an Upturned eye. We recommend darker shades on the outer corner and the lower lash line, and lighter shades on the upper lid. You can play up the lashes and choose heavier dramatic styles with mascara or faux lashes.

Downturned Eyes

The opposite of the Upturned eye, do the outer corner of your eyes tilt down? You have naturally bashful, downturned eyes. Perk up your eyes by applying shadow and blend upward and outward. Stick with lighter shades which will create an appearance of brighter, wider eyes.

Deep Set Eyes

Do your eyes sit further back under a prominent brow bone? Then you've got a lovely pair of deep set eyes. Draw the eyes forward by focusing lighter matte shades on the lower lash line and keep the eyeliner thin.

Prominent Eyes

The opposite of the Deep Set eye, do your eyes sit big and bold on your face? Do you have a slight crease under your eye? Both signs that you have Prominent eyes. Since prominent eyes have already got your attention, keep the look simple with soft gradual shades on the lid and a thin line of eyeliner. Keep lashes simple, with a basic black mascara that lengthens and defines.

Ofcourse, you can fall into two or more of these categories. You could have an almond shaped eye, set wide apart and slightly upturned. Now that you have your answer, you can experiment with professional techniques to develop your own personal style.

Reminder of our mantra @Revelere, beauty is a personal journey, not a destination. Experiment with different looks until you find something you are comfortable with. And when you decide it's time for a change, shake it up.


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